Tuesday, June 22, 2021

TPS Ep40-Let’s Make a Drug Deal(True Romance)

This week, the guys kill a pimp to punish him for being a white guy with dreadlocks, steal his drugs and take off to California... then they watched a movie and talked about it for an insanely long time.  Aus and Phil watched 1993's True Romance and immediately take off down rabbit holes about Tarantino, Tony Scott, race, LGBTQ films, Clarence as a Mary Sue, homages to the New Hollywood era, things that bugged Austin that Phil is more forgiving of, and things that Phil is surprised that Austin loved.  It's a simple but complicated movie that leads them on a long and winding road in and out of topics, monologues, rants, arguments, and... holy shit, this movie turned the podcast into a Tarantino movie...

Listen HERE, on your podcatcher of choice, or while you watch me draw this week’s episode art:


ink on bristol

Monday, June 14, 2021

TPS Ep39-Let's Spiral Into Darkness(Bo Burnham's Inside)


This week, Austin brought us something very unique.  Not a movie, or a TV show, we watched a comedy special not quite like anything we've seen before.  Bo Burnham's Inside is an exploration of the internet, isolation, frustration, artistic expression, and how that all does and does not affect the world's problems.  It's also very funny... and sad.  Listen to our thoughts and let us know your own!

Listen to the episode HERE, wherever you get podcasts, or while you watch the video:

ink on bristol

Monday, June 7, 2021

TPS Ep 38-Let's Try This Again(Tenet)

Phil and Aus go back a few days to when they first watched Tenet in order to explore what they think of it.  They talk about parts they found challenging, the brilliant portrayal of feeling disoriented, heists, and talking with masks on.  It's a wild movie that spawns a wild conversation, perhaps the most ambitious yet on this episode of The Picture Show.

Listen to the show HERE, wherever you get podcasts, or while watching the video: