Sunday, August 13, 2017

Space Boy

Space Boy is a piece I did last weekend and finally got around to posting it.  Space Boy is inspired by a tune by singer-songwriter Kristi Kates of the same name... Though the dog was my addition(not mentioned in the song), she named him Orbit after the fact.

The song is amazing and fun as hell and Kristi managed to put an image in my head to match it.

Follow Kristi for live online concerts HERE!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I have a new comic available as a digital download!  Late yesterday afternoon, I launched (seewhatIdidthere?) Rock-Cat Power, a short story of a cat trying to rid his city of flying dinosaurs and get some Chinese food while he's out...

The cat is Professor Whiskers, the hero of Rextinction, and the subject of some of my more recent additions to this blog.  He's an insanely fun character to draw and imagine scenarios for and there will be more comic adventures of him and his tech-support fish, Gil, in the future.

To buy and download Rock-Cat Power(sorry for the clunky title... it works on paper) for under a buck, CLICK HERE!
Thank you!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Professor Whiskers Returns

I've been silent for quite awhile now, but rest assured, it's partly due to me working...  Between podcasting and drawing a new comic, I sometimes had to be reminded that there's a blog to be updated.  That's what happens when a one-track minded man tries to multitask his life...

The comic is a new story of Professor Whiskers, the feline mad scientist hero of my mini comic from last year, "Rextinction".  He's back with a new machine and a new prehistoric battle royale to deal with.  Keep an ear to the ground and I'll be making more noise about it when it releases (very shortly now).`