Thursday, May 11, 2017

Robot Paw

Last year, I drew a really fun little comic called REXTINCTION about an inventor cat who fought a T-Rex with a mech suit he'd built... since then, I've kicked around a few different ideas for new comics for this cat without a name (I've been going with "Professor Whiskers"), but so far nothing's stuck that wouldn't just be a replay of the original simple idea.  Still, I do enjoy drawing him and his inventions, so I did a finished piece of him just for kicks this week... I'll likely have more coming in the future as this is a really good way for me to unwind and just draw something fun for myself.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Battle Snail

this battle-hardened mollusk is a battle snail, leaving a slimy trail behind him as he belly crawls (naturally) into enemy territory...  I drew this for Illustration Friday yesterday and it was great to just cut loose with something ridiculous and fun.  

The original (below) is available for sale HERE