Monday, December 20, 2021

TPS Ep56-Let's Orchestrate a Coup(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)

Aus and Phil finish their trip to Mexico on a high note, by watching the 2003 film Once Upon A Time In Mexico. The final installment in the Mariachi Trilogy proves to be a great movie to end the season on as it provides the guys a ton of conversation about El Mariachi's character arc, Johnny Depp's performance, and Girls in Refrigerators... There's a lot to pick apart.

The Roods also look back on the Mariachi movies as a trilogy and pick their favorite trilogies of the season.

This episode marks the end of our Third Season!  We want to thank everyone who hung out with us this season as we experimented with format a bit and had some fun trying some new things.  We really appreciate each and every person who gives their time to listening to our show, whether it's every episode or just a single one.  Thanks to all of you.  -Phil and Austin

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