Monday, December 21, 2020

TPS 21-Let's Review(Season 1 Recap)

Austin and I end Season 1 of The Picture Show... with a look back at what we liked, didn't like, what was new to us, and which of our opinions may have slightly changed over the course of time.  It's a really fun look at our past 20 weeks worth of movie discussion and what we've gotten out of it.
Check out the episode on your podcatchers or HERE

PLUS, I've made some new artwork for the show!  You can listen as you watch me create it if you check out the YouTube version:

Austin and I want to seriously thank everyone who has come joined us for any or all of our episodes.  We were really surprised with the amount of great feedback and support we've gotten this season for a show we made mostly as a means of entertaining ourselves.

Thank you.


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