Wednesday, October 7, 2020

RIP Eddie Van Halen

 I did this tribute to Eddie Van Halen yesterday as a celebration of the impact he had on my life.

I play guitar... that is to say, I own a few guitars and I am capable of making some noise with them that, at times, borders on being pleasant to the ear.  I've never played in bands or in a performative way, I just play for me.  I play because I love it, and I hope I always do because I really get something great out of it.  I may have never picked up a guitar when I was a kid had it not been for EVH.  He was one of those players that once you found him, you realized that he was unlike every other guitar player out there, even those who were imitating him.

Point being, I play music today because I found his music when I was a kid.  I don't play like him, but his influence is there nonetheless.  Much love, respect, and gratitude to Eddie... that's where this drawing comes from.

"In the end/On dreams we will depend/ That's what love is made of..."
-Dreams, 5150

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