Saturday, May 27, 2017

Put Away Childish Things

A lot of what I'm doing lately is just trying to get back to creating single illustrations that have some simple narrative that can be drawn out from them.  It seems random and scattered, and, to a large degree, it is.  Instead of a long term project, I'm focusing more on short stories and single drawings.  It's satisfying to be able to communicate a bigger idea in a single drawing and also to finish something and be able to show it right away.

This piece is available in my store, JUST CLICK HERE!  It would make a great gift for cat lovers, teddy bear haters, sword aficionados, and probably the most epic gift for recent graduates of all time. 

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essay best said...

You have done a good job in creating this illustration. It has a strong and thoughtful message for the people if we look closley. Keep up the good work!