Monday, July 27, 2015

J. Hammond C's Artist Round Table-2015

 On Father's Day this year, I was a guest on Hammond Chamberlain's "Beyond the Playlist" podcast, sitting at the Artist Round Table for the second year in a row.  It was a great time and I sat at the table with Brian Dunaway, JF Dubeau, and Nic Gregory.  All three of these guys are great at what they do, bring a unique point of view to the topics Hammond gave us, and were great to talk to.  I want to thank Hammond for including me in such great company.

The episode dropped this past Sunday, and you can listen to it HERE

The topics Hammond gave us to illustrate were
1) A superhero
(I chose to draw the Silver Surfer),

2) A Japanese Robot,

and my personal favorite:
3) An album cover for a fictional 80s heavy metal band.

I had way too much fun drawing this one.

Check out the episode and Hammond's website to see Brian, JF, Nic and even Hammond's artwork for the three topics.  It's a good time!

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Jen Mc said...

How did I miss you were part of a podcast?! I have added this to my playlist to listen to. Wow!!! I'm related to a celebrity!