Monday, May 25, 2015

Cover Art-Beyond the Playlist with J Hammond C

Last Monday, I opened my podcast app on my phone and found this staring me in the face:

I'm not gonna lie:  It was bizarre.

I made that artwork, and to have it show up when I was digging into someone else's creation and I wasn't expecting it kind of floored me for a second.

Around the beginning of the year, Hammond Chamberlain contacted me about making some new cover art for his podcast "Beyond the Playlist".  There were a few delays in getting started, but finally we got up and running with it and I'm really glad we did.

I am a fan of Hammond's podcast, I have been (and may or may not be again soon *wink*) a guest on it, and appreciate the spectrum of creative people he has on there to talk about their personal creative approaches.  It's great to hear about how people's processes and craft are different from my own, how they are the same, how they relate, and how their ways could possibly add something to how I do what I do.  

I had to put all of this into a single image.  The above is what we came up with and I think we nailed it.

Hammond was great to work with, was open to my ideas, added input when needed, we had a good back and forth and I think it made for a better end product.

Thank you, Mr. Hammond-C for tapping me for this project.  I had a blast with it and am thrilled to have my fingerprint on your show!

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Unknown said...

It was my honor to have you agree to do it and then to see it was even more amazing. Thank you.