Sunday, September 21, 2014

J Hammond C

This is Hammond Chamberlain (aka "J Hammond C").  He is a friend of mine, a podcaster, a musician, a curator of all things creative, and an all-around good guy.

Hammond plays an instrument called a Chapman Stick.  It's essentially a giant guitar neck with somewhere in the neighborhood of several thousand strings on it and is played by people who are in no way human and have extra fingers in order to operate the instrument.  (In all seriousness, check out some stick videos on youtube, they're very interesting and cool)  So the bottom line is that the Chapman Stick is an odd instrument and it crossed my mind just as I was trying to think of something odd to draw...  Kismet, right?

I've been just free drawing for the past few weeks.  Experimenting with new looks, materials, digital techniques, styles and overall feels.  I'm trying to do more on the physical page and less digitally, even if it's not as clean and it may be less refined.  I'm wanting to draw more dynamic, high energy, and spontaneous things.  I want to draw stuff right off the top of my head and try to capture the energy on paper using whatever tools I have.

I'm extremely proud of this piece because I feel like that's what I did here.  Hammond became the subject of kind of my artistic mission statement of the past bunch of weeks.  I had so much fun putting this on paper and trying to see how far I could push the chaos, weirdness, and energy before I went too far and messed it up.  I don't think I hit that point.  I stopped at just the right part to get the feel that I wanted.

Big thanks to Hammond for being a good sport about being the victim of my pen.  You guys should check out his podcasts and his blog at

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Creations By Mit said...

Very cool, Phil! So much energy! I am trying to imagine what it sounds like...I expect loud & fast...