Monday, January 21, 2019

The Adventures of Professor Whiskers

I need to make some noise about a comic I'm working on at the moment.  I've taken the character from my mini-comics Rextinction and Rock-Cat Power and launched the series The Adventures of Professor Whiskers on the WebToon app.

The comic is about a cat who is a bit of a mad scientist/inventor and adventurer and his battles against prehistoric creatures who make nuisance animals of themselves in our society.  It's a comic I make because it's so fun and straightforward and I have a blast drawing it and it is a great outlet for my creative energy.

 In addition to the comic itself, I've launched a small video series to document my making of this comic and to talk about some things on my mind as I draw it.  This is part of my participation in the 100 Days of Making Comics challenge(100 consecutive days of working on your comic for at least 30 minutes) started by Kevin Cross.

You can check out those videos on my YouTube Channel

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