Saturday, November 4, 2017

15 Owls

A couple days ago saw the 15th Wedding Anniversary of Christine and I.  While I understand that crystal is the traditional gift of the 15th Anniversary, I opted for a kitchen gadget that slices and dices avocados and she opted to get me the Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live Anthology (which I am listening to as we speak... write... communicate.  Well, I mean, I'm communicating... this is kind of a one-way communication after all.  Unless you want to leave comments or email me.  I encourage that wholeheartedly.)

Aside from our version of crystal to each other, I decided to make this piece, and because I never plan such things until it's far too late to present them on time, I just finished it this afternoon.  There is an owl for every year we've been married (count the egg)... some crazy, some scared, some tired, some angry, some proud, some happy...  long-term relationships are a mixed bag, but the end result has been worth every bird on the tree (pardon the "very special episode" ending of this blog post)

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