Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pachyderm Cavalry

This one is Frazetta-inspired, as is most of my art featuring the Warrior Igor.  This one also got some help from the fact that, for our anniversary last year, my wife adopted an elephant for me at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.  She adopted a beautiful animal named Rosie, an African elephant who had resided in a handful of zoos over her life.  Sadly, Rosie passed away early this year, but it was good to know we were connected to her in her last few months and that she lived out the end of her life in a facility that gave her room to roam and hang with other elephants.

(FYI-I am not anti-zoo by any stretch... while there are exceptions, I believe zoos as a whole to be incredible tools for animal advocacy and education)

While I do not advocate the riding of elephants in either peace or wartime, I will admit that it makes for a badass picture, and helps show elephants for the incredible and beautiful animals that they are.  I promise, no elephants (or barbaric warriors) were harmed in the drawing of this image.

The original piece is for sale and can be bought BY CLICKING HERE

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