Sunday, April 19, 2015

Issue #2 Pencils

As of this morning, I have finished penciling Issue #2 of Tales of the Warrior Igor.

 "WHAT?!" you say.  "You have Issue #2 done ALREADY?!"
To which I reply:
(maniacal laugher)
"Dear gods, not even close!"

The reality of the situation is that I had the story mapped out when I was finishing up Issue #1, so I was fairly ready (esp. by my standards) to launch right into the next issue.  Also, this is a bit of a shorter story, so it didn't take as long.  Finally, there are exactly ZERO SKELETONS to be drawn into this comic, so that means I was able to cut down a lot of drawing time right there.  Because, hey, a trillion bones on every page means more lines to be drawn than anywhere on the planet.

I did take a bit of a different approach to this comic than I usually do.  Normally, I pencil a couple pages, then ink them, then move on.  I like to have at least one page of pencils and one page to ink going at the same time and I go back and forth on them.  This one, I penciled mostly straight through and got the entire story on the boards in one shot.  I did ink an occasional page and stray panel here and there, mostly for the sake of mixing things up, keeping my brush skills (such as they are) sharp, and ink testing things that are new for me to draw.

I think this approach to drawing a story has been good so far.  I feel like there is a lot of consistency to the look of the story and characters, the story as a whole is able to be reviewed before making it forever by putting it in ink, and the momentum of figuring out the nuts and bolts of the storytelling carried through and made penciling a pretty good experience for this comic.

 I'm really happy with how it's going so far.  I like the story I'm telling, I like how it's shaping up and I like that I've managed to make good progress on it so far.  I'll be keeping you up to date on it as I go through inking and lettering, right up to when it's released on the public.
If you happened to miss the noise I made about Issue #1, don't worry, it's still available for whatever you wanna pay.  Go ahead and download it HERE.  Enjoy!

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