Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ink, Igor & inviting Collaboration

This is a drawing of the Warrior Igor.  This particular one, I started drawing at the cartooning class that I teach.  Some of the kids watched me throwing down pencil lines and shapes and watched it start coming together.  They asked who the character was an I explained that Igor  is  my own character, then talked about who he was inspired by.  I talked a bit about pulp novels, Conan (the barbarian, not the late night host) and what kind of stories we liked.

When I was done penciling this, a kid asked if he could ink it.  Then some other kids did too.  I ran off some copies of the pencils and handed them out to the kids along with some various pens, and we tried some inking together.

It was our last class of the session and it ended in a very high note.

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