Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stickathon 2014

I just finished up a daily drawing challenge that ran through September called Stickathon.  The idea was to draw something on a sticky (Post-It-type) note and share it on the web.  The result was getting to see a lot of differen takes on the creative challenge of drawing in something very small format and generally considered "not good illustration paper".  

(Yeah, I can be kind of a paper elitist)

I used it as a warm-up sketch exercise, a way to try out and generate ideas, and experiment a bit with pens and techniques.  

My post-it sketches are all still on my book case.  What do you think?  Got a favorite?

I'm in to October now and a new daily drawing challenge called Inktober.  That one is an ink drawing per day.  I decided to go wih a theme of drawing monsters and I'll be posting those here.

My first one is "The Thing Under the Bed":

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