Monday, September 15, 2014

Sir Aldwyn Windberry

Yesterday, my wife gave me a big pile of brown cardstock that she found when she was cleaning out her desk.

I'd been wanting to try out some parchment-looking paper for awhile, so today I just started sketching on it.  I did a couple quick sketches, mixed up a white acrylic paint wash and just saw what materials and inks the paper held well and what it didn't.

Anyway, I ended up drawing this guy:  Sir Aldwyn Windberry.  He is a character inspired by my friend Cristela's bicycle, which she had also named Sir Aldwyn Windberry.  When she told me the bike's name, we riffed and rattled off a description of what he likely looked like and what kind of person he was.  This picture should tell you a lot about that.

Sir Aldwyn was a great exercise in character creation and design and a great example of how something simple can spark ideas and how they can snowball from there.

A popular question I get is "where do you get your ideas from?".  This is an example of the fact that ideas and inspirations are everywhere, you just have to train yourself to see them.

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