Monday, September 29, 2014

Phil Bunyon

Lately, I've been having caffeine-fueled bull sessions with a creative sister-in-arms.  We talk a lot of issues and eventually spiral into riffing on ideas until something ridiculous is born.  Today we talked of folk heroes, what it takes to make them, and what heroism it would take to be elevated to the status where people felt compelled to tell BS stories and write songs about you.

Somewhere, the phrase "Phil Bunyon" got thrown around.  We began working on our separate projects, she writing and me drawing... drawing this... drawing Phil Bunyon.  She looked up when I was almost done and said:  "Is that who I think it is?"
I said:  "You didn't think 'Phil Bunyon' was going to be dropped at this table and I was not going to draw it did you?"

We laughed like we do and thanked the creative gods for our friendship that yields so much fun and ridiculous nonsense.

Get creative folks, make things, have fun, be a folk hero.

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