Monday, July 28, 2014

Sneaky Covers

 Covers are done and released for my latest book project, "That Sneaky Snake Sydney" by Bonnie Pehlke.

We are in the 11th hour and as we speak(I type) I am up late and finalizing files for printing so we can get this book approved, printed, shipped to us and kicked right back out the door to those who are smart enough to realize that they need to own, read, experience, and live their lives by this book...  OK, they just need to read it and realize what a great story Bonnie tells.

Above, I have the front cover, and below, is the back cover of the book.  That's right, when you hire me to draw your book, I not only do the front cover, but I do the back cover absolutely free of charge.

You guys should all go over to Bonnie's blog, at .  She is just getting it up and running and you can see her talk about her side of this book, her writing, her teaching, and her affinity for photographing the Green Lantern.

Another place worth visiting is the "Sneaky Snake Sydney" Facebook page.  Bonnie and I are updating over there pretty regularly as we approach the finish line on this project, and you can see what's happening specifically with this book over there.

Below are the drawings for these covers, before they were put in with the type and layout of the covers.

Thanks for checking in.  Please check out the Facebook page, Bonnie's blog, and our book, "That Sneaky Snake Sydney".

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