Monday, July 21, 2014

Ninja Cat!

This is my latest drawing called "Ninja Cat!"  It's inspired by our own cat, Django.  Django likes to sneak, prowl and hide around corners, then jump out and swat our dog in the nose before disappearing, so we got to calling him the Ninja Cat.  The joke grew from there (has it officially gone too far?)

I finished this up yesterday and made it available as a print and digital download this morning.  You can buy the print here in a variety of sizes.  It's a quality art print suitable for framing.

OR, you can buy the digital download here for just a few dollars.  It's a high-quality digital file that you can use as your desktop wallpaper, a file to view on your tablet or phone, part of your screensaver slideshow, OR you can take it and have your own print made.

This image is perfect for cat lovers, ninja lovers, fans of the absurd, or making into a giant poster that directly overlooks your child's bed so the Ninja Cat stares at them all night until they can actually feel the devious eyes of the feline assassin boring into them.  Top that off with the promise that if they misbehave, Django the Ninja Cat will visit them in their sleep, and you'll be on the Easy Street of child rearing.  (that's a free tip for all of you new parents out there)

Thanks for checking in and seeing my newest work.  I'm very proud of it and hope you enjoy it too.

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