Monday, May 19, 2014

Call me MISTER Rood!!

 That's right, I'm about to be in a position of authority... kind of... I guess... OK, not really.  But I AM about to start teaching a summer class in cartooning to local kids in Cape Coral.

I got alerted to a job opportunity at the Cape Coral Arts Studio by my awesome friends Christine and Kos at ECHO in Fort Myers and I ended up with the job of teaching.

This is been something I've thought about getting into since I started talking to classes and school groups last year, so it's really good to be jumping in and doing it now.  The class is going to meet once a week, for seven weeks and have two sessions through the summer.  We're going to be designing characters, making stories, learning how to illustrate stories and making simple books for our stories.  It is going to be a great time and I can't wait.

If you're in Cape Coral and your child is interested in taking my class this summer, contact the Cape Coral Arts Studio and come have fun with us.

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Javier Hernandez said...

Great news! I know you're really excited about this, so show them what you got!

Can't wait to read your report on what it was like teaching the class....