Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, New Projects

 I can tell we're officially into the new year because I'm officially into new projects.  In the first week of 2014, I managed to finish up TWO books that I have been racing to the finish line with, and I've started one more.  I'll be making noise about one of my finished books in the coming weeks and months.

These images are from my newest project.  It's a children's book by Bonnie Pehlke called "That Sneaky Snake Sydney".  It's a great farm story full of characters that I'm having a lot of fun drawing.  Bonnie's a great author and a great author to work for, as she's great to collaborate and swat ideas around with.  This project grows new ideas and potential all the time.

I've also managed to put a couple personal projects on the board for this year and hope to be finding time to get to those before too long.  I made some missteps last year in terms of taking some jobs I shouldn't have and passing on a couple I shouldn't have.  I learned a lot about time management, and taking on more than you have time for.  I learned a lot about my business practices in general and hope to put that learning to use this year.  I'm off to a good start with that so far.
Thanks for checking in and please continue to do so throughout 2014.

Happy New Year


Creations By Mit said...

Love seeing the different stages of this piece!

Phil Rood said...

Thanks Mit-- I visited Bonnie's class today and showed them these pics. I was surprised how interested 3rd Graders were in how the process worked and the different details about it. They were really into it, and that was cool to see.