Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mighty Mito Superhero is NOW AVAILABLE

Today is BOOK RELEASE DAY for Makenzie Lawrey's Mighty Mito Superhero!

I talked about this project a little bit last month as I was wrapping up my small contributions to it and we were getting ready to put the book together, but in case you missed it, Makenzie is a local 9 year old author who wrote a book as part of a fundraising mission.  She is hoping to raise $1 million to help further research and find a cure for Mitochondrial Disease, from which her brother Gavin suffers.

Mito is an incurable disease that many physicians don't clearly understand, but through her writing, Makenzie has managed to make the basics of this disease, and how it affects people who have it, understandable to her readers.  I think it will be a book that will help people get their heads around a misunderstood and overlooked disease.

If you can help Makenzie's fundraising efforts by purchasing a book, it would be greatly appreciated, not to mention you would get the added bonus of reading Makenzie's great book.  It has her writing, and images contributed by great photographers and the Lawrey family... I've got a couple in there too.


scrapperjen said...

I wish I could be there for the release! Kudos to you and Mckenzie!

Creations By Mit said...

A project to be proud of!! Congratulations to both you & Makenzie! I love the illo with the doctors!