Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chemo, Tequila Worms, and Other Inappropriate Things to Laugh About

 This is a drawing I was really happy and proud to work on.  Years ago, I got served--often times overserved-- named Debbie, who was a supercool lady and one of my favorite bartenders... of which I knew many.  Anyway, she has since moved up north and I'd lost contact with her... 

Early this year, when I was working on St. Baldrick's drawings, I was contacted by Kristen, a mutual friend of ours--incidentally, another of my favorite people and bartenders--who told me that Debbie had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was just starting chemotherapy.  She told me that they had been fighting back and keeping spirits up by trying to joke and laugh about something that's very hard to laugh about.  Kristen asked me if I'd draw a picture for Debbie of her without hair, doing her thing behind the bar... so I did.  I had a great time drawing Debbie with all hell breaking loose around her and everything up in the air.  It was really fun to draw in all the small details.  The more of them I drew, the more I thought of to add... and I think it turned out really well.
It was my small, ridiculous contribution to trying to keep laughs coming to someone who needed them.

Deb has since kicked the crap out of her cancer, is bouncing back, and has hair growing back into her skull... not that she doesn't looks stunning sans follicles... The thing about all of this that has stuck with me is the great outlook, attitude, and the overall public way that Debbie has dealt with(and continues to deal with) the entire process.  She has updated and kept her friends and family informed through facebook, shared how she's feeling physically and mentally, how her family is handling it, and has done all of it with a great outlook.  I really admire her for her toughness, her candid approach to her dealing with the disease, and her ability to literally laugh in the face of death.  She took a situation that will either make or break a person and made it her bitch.

Debbie, you inspire me.


skigirl72 said...

I am honored to be one of your sketches!! This is such a cool piece.

Creations By Mit said...

Love it!! And it looks like Debbie does too! May she continue, full speed, down the road to recovery!