Monday, August 5, 2013


Late last night, I sat at my drawing table and just started sketching to see where I'd go.  I just wanted some practice with the pencil.  I sketched an owl(kind of my go-to animal for sketching) in a cool pose and liked how it looked... so I ended up pulling out some bristol and a blue pencil so I could go to inks.

I ended up drawing the pencils fairly tightly, but did the brushwork pretty sketchy and a little loose.  I ended up liking the result and even did minimal clean-up in Photoshop, leaving some of the lines a little fuzzy and a bit messy.  I was just gonna leave it at that, but I decided to throw a really minimal amount of color in it.  Just background and some highlights for light.

Bottom line is that I'm really happy with how this turned out and am wanting to do more pieces like this.  The color is so minimal that the ink is the star of the piece, but the color enhances and supports it.

Anyway, enough patting my own back... what say you?  Do you like the end result, or is it just a glorified scribble?

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Creations By Mit said...

Love, love, LOVE!!! Great use of light & darkness as well as the superb line work!!!