Sunday, July 21, 2013

Robot Sharks: Nature's Perfect Predators

I'd say the title of this about sums it all up... if there's a better killing machine in existence(in the water anyway) I'd like to see it.

I did this for Illustration Friday's topic of "Robot" this week.  It's pretty nice being able to basically get an illustration done in under 24 hours, but it only happened since I'm having kind of a high-stress weekend.  It's led to me not sleeping very much, so I ended up  pulling an almost all-nighter last night... I feel OK, considering my age and the last time I stayed up for that long...(all-nighters are for young illustrators)

Stress and sleep deprivation aside, I'm pretty happy with this drawing.  I managed to jam a lot of stuff onto and around this shark and I think I got just the right kind of chaos going on with this.

I was also pretty happy with the inked version of this.  I've been doing a lot of straight up black & white ink work lately and almost left it as is, but I really thought it could benefit from the right kind of color palette. I'm far from a color expert, but I think I did OK with it here.  A cool palette, mostly shades of blue and green, with a few spots of red and yellow to compliment it.

What say you about it?


Creations By Mit said...

I think 'chaos' sums this up well!!! I can see how this was born of insomnia when your mind is going a zillion miles an hour & sleep is out of the question! LOVE IT!!

PS - The gold tooth is a great touch!

AHAviews said...

I say you certainly put all the energy you had available into this one. Wonder how much of that little fishy will be left for him to eat after all this!

Phil Rood said...

Thank you both... working on this was a fun and welcome distraction from a stressful and tough weekend... somehow I think I fed on the turmoil. I had a lot of fun and was pretty happy with the end result. Do I dare wish for more insanity in my weekends?