Sunday, July 14, 2013

Patsy & PJ NYC

For about the past week, my wife has been running around New York City, visiting friends and family, seeing Broadway shows, sightseeing, and having a great time.  I've talked to her a couple times in that week and she's told me that she's loving it up there, but she's not sure I would, due to my general anxiety about crowds.  We hammered out the difference between crowds at that point.  I love walking around in a city like Chicago, but I'm not a huge fan of theme part crowds.  The difference is tourism.  Tourist crowds tend to be pushy, rude, impatient mobs that seem to teeter on the edge between order and a full-blown riot.  Crowds in cities like Chicago are crowds of people who make up the city.  People who live and work there and are just in their routine.  If you can read that crowd and get into their rhythm, it's cool and orderly, and that's something I can deal with.

All that is to say, that we'd love to one day visit New York together and check out some cool places in the city.  This drawing is one I did to represent that.  The owl is my wife because she thinks they're adorable, wise, and full of character.  The monkey in the fez is me because I like cigars, cool hats, and opposable thumbs on feet.

PS--I'm very well aware that this is not an accurate depiction of the NYC skyline.  Don't judge me too harshly please...

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