Saturday, June 1, 2013


Last year, I ran a fundraiser to help out a local boy named Gavin who has Mitochondrial Disease.  A big part of his illness is him suffering from seizures and his sister started a fundraiser to get Gavin a seizure dog.  It was successful and Hershey has been Gavin's companion and invaluable helper for over a year now.

Gavin trying to hide behind his Mom's head.
This year, Gavin and I sat down to design our own fundraiser to help his family pay their crippling medical bills.  Gavin's incredible 6-year-old imagination came up with MITO ACTION G, a superhero who helps everyone who has Mitochondrial Disease.

It was great working with this kid and seeing him get excited about the character and the design that we made.  I drew him as he dictated, right down to the colors used and Hershey the Seizure Dog's jet pack.

You can see our designs and videos of me inking them below:

 Now that the designs are done, they are available for sale as prints, phone, ipad or computer cases, t-shirts and more.  I've got a couple other random designs up for sale in this store as well.  It's important to know that ALL PROCEEDS from the sales of these items go to benefit Gavin and his family.  This is a great cause and one I feel extremely lucky to be a part of.  Working with Gavin has been a great for me.  I've had a lot of fun working with this talented young man, and have enjoyed getting to know him.  He's got a great outlook on things and is super positive and wanting to pitch in and help.  He's a great kid and part of a great family.

To buy some of these products and help them out, check out

Gavin Signs His Work

Thanks for checking it out and please help out if you can.


brandi said...

It's been incredible to see this ALL come together. Gavin LOVED every minute of this! Seeing his face as it all unraveled has been such a blessing. The excitement, joy and pride in his eyes has been beautiful to see. Thank you so much for your kind and generous heart.

Phil Rood said...

Really Brandi, it's been my pleasure. It's all been incredible for me too. ALL of you Lawreys are doing heroic work and leaning on each other--including(and especially) Hershey, the amazing Seizure Dog. You guys keep doing what you do and I'll be happy to keep doing this kind of work to support you!

Creations By Mit said...

Awesome art, Phil! It sounds like this has been an incredibly fun & rewarding experience for both you & Gavin!