Monday, May 13, 2013

Jedi Lily

It's been awhile since I made a blog post and showed any work to anyone.  I've been working under a Non-Disclosure Agreement on a book contract and that's taken up most of my time in the past couple months.  Since I'm under NDA, I'm unable to show any of my work on it until the book comes out.  

SO... I took some time yesterday and drew something for myself... and my niece.  My 8 month old niece Lily is a baby who watches Star Wars religiously and, according to the picture of her in her daycare, wants to be a Jedi Knight when she grows up... I decided to sketch a Jedi version of her out yesterday.  It was fun to draw and ink it, fun to play in the Star Wars sandbox for a bit, and good to make something I'm able to post without fear of not getting paid by a contract.

Lily's daycare photo and declaration of her intention to join the Jedi Order

 Lily watching her favorite movie

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AHAviews said...

She's probably in the order already, just hasn't felt it necessary to tell you. Good luck with the book, looking forward to seeing drawings when you are allowed to share.