Sunday, April 14, 2013

Help Me Help the Lawrey Family

I made this sketch of Hershey the Seizure Dog to announce that I'm trying to raise money again for the Lawrey Family in my town of Cape Coral, FL.  Gavin Lawrey is 5 years old and suffers from the rare, incurable Midochondrial Disease.  He suffers from daily seizures, has respiratory problems and other symptoms that nobody, least of all a 5-year-old boy, should have to endure.

Last year, I sold some of my stuff to benefit the Lawrey family in helping them to pay for a dog that detects seizures in Gavin before they happen. The money was raised and Hershey came to live and work with the Lawreys last year.  Hershey has been a great help to them.

Now the Lawreys are facing eviction from their home because of the crippling medical bills that come with Gavin's disease.  Last year, they had to make a decision between paying for Gavin's medicine and paying their mortgage.  There is now a fundraiser to help the Lawreys save their home.
You can learn about the Lawreys and give to them at THEIR FUNDRAISER PAGE

OR, if you prefer to give by buying stuff, you can purchase something from me in the LAWREY SECTION OF MY STORE.  All money earned from these items will go to benefit the Lawrey's fundraiser to save their home and help pay their medical bills.

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