Sunday, March 17, 2013


I got swamped with a lot of work in the past couple of weeks, but while I'm waiting to hear back from clients today, I decided to throw down an Illustration Friday drawing for this week.

The topic for the week is "Eye Glasses" and I saw it as an opportunity to revive my Cyclops character from the  Monster Alphabet series.  It was good to revive the character and see how different I could make it just by adding glass(es) and a different gesture.

Thanks for checking in and make sure you touch base often.  I've got a lot of jobs up in the air right now and possibly some more coming down soon.  There's not a lot I can share right now, but hopefully I'll be wrapping them up soon and will be able to share my work.


Creations By Mit said...

Great to see 'ol Cy again!

Phil Rood said...

... and it was great to draw him again!