Monday, January 21, 2013

Skunk Ape

HEY!!  I actually did an Illustration Friday challenge this week!  I saw the key word was "Myth" and I could not ignore it.  There was so many ways to go, from Ancient Mythology to mythological creatures, which I ultimately ended up going with.

I drew the Skunk Ape.  For those of you not from the swampy southern states, the Skunk Ape is our version of Bigfoot.  He's an apelike creature that is reported to live in the Everglades and is sometimes sighted by people out hiking, hunting, or boating in that area.

Whether he's real or not, it's good for me that he's not been photographed, that leaves me a lot of room to design my own version.

You can see my first version of the Skunk Ape right HERE!  He's a fun guy to draw and I'll likely be looking for another excuse to draw him again.

Thanks for checking it out.


Creations By Mit said...

Heh heh! Love this guy!!! (And the snakes & frog!) Have not heard of him before....always a learning experience, visiting your blog!! :)

Phil Rood said...

sorry Mit... I didn't mean to teach you anything, I just wanted to get a laugh...