Sunday, January 20, 2013

BALD KIDS FIGHT BACK!! Buy Some Art & Fight Childhood Cancer

Recently, my sister Amy decided that boldness and kindness were things that could go together quite well, and she threw herself into a unique fundraising effort.  She decided to do a fundraiser for St. Baldricks, a charity that raises money to research and find a cure for childhood cancer.  Amy will raise money until March when she will have her head shaved so she can show that she's standing in solidarity with children who are living with and fighting against cancer.

This is one of the reasons that Amy is my hero.

I wanted to help out in a small way so I asked her if I could do some drawings and sell them to benefit her fundraising efforts.  Together, we came up with this concept of taking kids from children's stories and fairy tales, portraying them as bald, and having them fight back against the things that are trying to kill them.

So I present to you, the "Bald Kids Fight Back" series.  This group of drawings features Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, and Jack(of Beanstalk fame).  All of these are ink on 12" x 9" bristol.





This is work and a series that I'm proud of and it supports a great cause.  Please consider buying this to support finding a cure for Childhood Cancer... or you  can donate directly to AMY'S FUNDRAISER PAGE or get involved with or donate directly to ST BALDRICK'S.

Thank you.

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