Sunday, December 30, 2012

RUSH Commission

It's after Christmas now, so that means I can post work that I was hired to do that was intended to be a Christmas gift.  My friend Bonnie hired me to do a drawing of the Canadian rock band RUSH as a present for her husband Scott, who is a die-hard Rush fan.  I'm not usually much of a "likeness" guy, that is my strength doesn't usually lie in drawing real people, but overall, I found the guys in Rush to have kind of cartoonish elements to them that I found and played to my strengths...

Neil Pert has a great face to draw and his huge drum kit was great to build into kind of the backdrop of the piece.  I considered having it keep going out and kind of spilling off the sides of the paper, but I thought that would overpower the rest of the piece.

I was also a bit nervous about drawing something for such a big fan.  The superfans are the guys who notice when little details aren't right, even in a cartoon representation.  They can, on occasion, get kind of picky about it and can be tough to please.  It's the thing that caused me to spend a bunch of time getting everything looking just right in terms of trying to capture the essence of the band, and I think I succeeded.

 Scott received the inked drawing and the original pencils(I lightboxed the final piece off of the penciled sketch) and sent me a message on Christmas day thanking me for doing a great job on this and that he was looking for a place to hang them.  All in all, I think this job was successful, and a lot of fun for me to do.

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Creations By Mit said...

You NAILED it!!! Fabulous likeness!
I'm sure he was thrilled to receive this!