Thursday, December 20, 2012

A REAL Abominable Snowman

I got done with some commission work this week and needed to draw something for myself, so I jumped into the Illustration Friday topic of "Snow" and sketched this out.  It's based on an actual idea sketch I made for the Monster Alphabet, thinking that it would be fun to draw the Abominable Snowman as an ACTUAL snowman... but that didn't make the book, so I decided to do it here.

You can buy the original art for this by clicking the button below.

"A REAL Abominable Snowman"
original art
ink and blue line pencil
on 9" x 12" bristol
(plus $3 S&H)

Thanks for checking in.  Whatever, if any, holiday you're celebrating this month, have a great one.  Enjoy yourselves and the people close to you.

Merry Christmas from Stately Rood Manor...


Creations By Mit said...

Man, is he nasty!! That's the stuff nightmares are made of! LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the originality! As always, superior line work, & I think that single green leaf is such a great touch!!!!

Phil Rood said...

thank you Mit... it's my way of spreading Christmas nightmares to all the children of the world...