Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monster Alphabet book update

I've been off the "blogging grid" for a couple weeks now, and for that I apologize.  I'd love to tell you I've been lazing around in front of the TV, sleeping in my recliner, and been out romancing my wife on our 10th Anniversary.  OK, the last one's true, but other than that, I've been working feverishly on getting the Monster Alphabet book pulled together.

Last week, I sent files to the printer and got a proof sent to me a few days later.  While the cover looks really good, I found some problems with the interiors of the book.  There were some low-res files in there that made the linework sloppy, some layouts were off a bit, and upon further review, I was pretty unhappy with some of the text.  I spent another week fixing problems and wishing I didn't shave my head so that I could pull my hair out in frustration. 

Ultimately, I am glad that I got another run at the book.  If not for some of the file errors, I wouldn't have revised a lot of what really needed it.  I think it'll make a much better book now.  I sent off files earlier this week, and am hoping to have another proof in my hands by this weekend.  If all looks right with it, I'll be taking orders by next week!

Stay tuned, for more updates on this project and future work... yeah, that's right, future work... I've not stopped drawing in favor of doing book design, I'm actually working on other stuff too!


Creations By Mit said...

As I've been learning first-hand, books are a real pain in the *ss!!! But I KNOW this will be a body of work you will be very very proud of!! (Hey, I thought it looked great without all the tweaks & revisions!!!) Congratulations, Phil! The finish line is in sight!!!! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next project!

Phil Rood said...

Thanks Mit! I feel like we've been learning the publishing ropes at the same time! It is a pain, but I think I've learned a lot and am looking forward to publishing something else soon!

scrapperjen said...

We are looking forward to your book!