Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday

"Lazy Sunday" is what I'm looking forward to having today, and what this piece is all about.  Few things look as relaxing and awesome as some music, beers and a smoke under a shade tree... even if you lose a beer or two to the local wildlife.

This is a drawing I did to jump back into Illustration Friday for the week.  It was great to sit down and just draw for the fun of it after a couple weeks of doing "publishing business".  I'm really looking forward to my next project(s), but for right now, I'm having a good time drawing stand-alone pieces like this.

Lazy Sunday
original art
ink & blue pencil on
11" x 14" bristol
(plus $2 S&H)


Creations By Mit said...

Love this!!! As always, great linework! The expression on the owl is great - not sure if he objects to the music or the smoke... Watch out for them squirrels.....sneaky little bastards!

Phil Rood said...

Thanks Mit!
I don't know his objection either, it just seemed like the thing to draw at the time... As for squirrels, watch what you say, they're mean drunks!