Monday, October 8, 2012

Monster Alphabet: Zombies

After running through a few obscure monsters in the past few letters, I've decided to end the Monster Alphabet series with some slack-jawed, mouth-breathin', brain-cravin', good old fashioned American Zombies... and their undead cat.

I am excited to have completed this series and especially happy to end it on what I consider a high note with this drawing... but I'm also a bit disappointed to be done with it.  I've had a great time with this series and kind of hate to see it end.

I've had a great time drawing this series and hope everyone has had as much fun seeing it come together.  Thanks a lot to everyone for playing along!

If you want to see it all from the beginning, JUST CLICK HERE

Check back soon to see what I'm working on next!


Creations By Mit said...

Love that you've got zombies spanning several generations!! I especially like the one on the right, who appears to be too tired or thirsty to focus on brains. The cat's single-mindedness is also pretty funny, as are the flies!!!! (I imagine they would not smell too good!) Sorry to see this series come to an end, as I've thoroughly enjoyed each & every one! Its been fun seeing how you protray classic monsters, as well as learning about the more unusual ones! Your linework and use of color to create mood has been consistently amazing from start to finish!! congratulations on the completion of a REALLY cool project! Can't wait to see it in book form!!!!!

Phil Rood said...

Thanks a ton Michele... it's been great to get your feedback and support through this series and I really appreciate it. I'm getting ready to dive in to laying out book pages immediately!