Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monster Alphabet: Xiezhi

This, I'm sure you can guess, was a tough one.  X does not loan itself to a lot of words in general, much less when you confine it to a niche like Monsters.  So I dug deep and came up with this beast of Chinese and Korean mythologies:  The Xiezhi.

The Xiezhi is sort of an Asia's analog for a unicorn, it is often shown with a single horn on its head.  During arguments between two people, the Xiezhi may appear and touch its horn on the party that is in the wrong.  For this reason, the beast was adopted by the emperors in old China as a symbol of justice.

This was a really tough creature, not only to learn about, but to find images to base a design off of.  There's a bunch of statue photos online, but not much else.  What's more is that there's not a lot of commonality between the statues, they're all shown slightly different.  I based this one on one I saw that looked slightly like a lion and I added some elements of a traditional Chinese dragon, like the whiskers and eyebrows coming off the face.  It turned out to be a challenge getting started, but once I found the groove, things fell into place pretty quickly.

It's a new Monster to me, so I'm curious... How'd I do?  What do you think of my attempt at a mythical Chinese unicorn?

Let me know what you think and come back soon.  Only two more monsters to go in the Alphabet!

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Creations By Mit said...

The Asian flavor is evident in this guy! Not only in his physical features, but the colors as well. Love the eyebrows!! Interesting monster! I can't believe you managed to find one beginning with X!!!!