Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Call Me!"

I wanted to do something different and simple this week, just black and white and something that stands alone, so I did this single panel comic proving that there are creepy guys everywhere, even on the ocean floor.  I jumped back over to Illustration Friday for the inspiration to this with their topic of Water.

You can buy the original blue line and ink drawing shown below.  Just click the button and you can own it!

"Call Me" original art
blue line pencil & ink on
14" x 11" bristol


Creations By Mit said...

Ha ha!!!! Awesome!! There's just no escaping "those guys!" Love the expression on the fish on the right! Thanks for the smile, & welcome back to IF!!!!

Phil Rood said...

Thanks Mit! I wasn't sure anyone would catch that fish's expression, I shoulda known you would! I may do a couple more along these lines this week... I really like doing the pure black and white and being able to turn them around pretty quick

AHAviews said...

Hey, both of these are just great. Love the different weights of line, how they send the eye swimming through the images. Nice.

Phil Rood said...

Thanks a lot!