Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monster Alphabet: Vampire

Of course this was gonna be the monster for "V"!  It'd be almost a crime for it not to be, right?!

Actually, the most obvious, was not the easiest, and it's my own fault.  This is the second drawing I did for my Vampire entry in the Monster Alphabet.  I did another one that was very similar except the vampire was in a different pose.  It was one of those cases where it didn't look quite right when I penciled it, but I thought I'd fix it when I inked it.  When I inked it I thought: "Not much better.  Maybe it'll work itself out with some colors added to it." and so on and so on...  I colored and shaded and completely finished the whole drawing... and was not happy with it.  

I figured I'd sleep on it and see what I thought in the morning.  I woke up... and scrapped it.  There are drawings I've done where the work is not my best, but it's passable.  There comes a point where you have to get things done and "good enough" is good enough... this was not one of those times.  Everything was off and it just made the whole drawing unsatisfying and weak.  I could not, in good conscience include it in this series.  It would bother me and dig at me forever if I had.

Long story short(too late, I know)I started over completely and finished the piece as you see it above.  Is it my greatest work?  Probably not... but I am happy with it, I had fun drawing it, and I'm thrilled to include it in the Monster Alphabet Series.

Thanks for checking in...


Javier Hernandez said...

Don't know what the previous version looked like, but I dig this drawing. I also like the effect you put in the vampires eyeballs. Hypnotic!

Phil Rood said...

Thanks Javier... the previous one was pretty similar, just executed worse... just pretty much lazy work on my part. I was pretty upset with myself, but feel like I turned it into a positive

Creations By Mit said...

Huh. Not sure what the 1st one looked like but yeas, you do need to make yourself happy sometimes, even if everyone else would have been perfectly fine with "good enough" and not known the difference.

I love the comedic drama here! The expression on the vampire is in such fabulous contrast to the oblivious look of the maiden, who probably thinks that bat is a cute little birdie! Great work, Phil! Yet again! I'm getting a bit depressed that you're nearing the end of the alphabet! (Oh, and I think I might be able to guess what you'll do for "W"....)