Saturday, September 22, 2012

Monster Alphabet: Troll

This is a pretty self-explanatory monster:  the Classic Troll.  This is a monster largely of Scandinavian descent who is a weird kind of giant who lives under bridges and terrorized those around them.

This is my first entry into the Monster Alphabet since my vacation ended, and man what a difference working around my day job makes!  Having to work on this whenever I have a few minutes has really taken a toll on my productivity for this series.  Not to worry though:  We'll keep trudging through this and knock out the last few letters/monsters of this series!

Stay tuned kids, there's more to come!


Creations By Mit said...

Love this guy & all his cool details - from the hairy arms to the seams on his shoulders, to the green tights! Not sure I'd go anywhere near that bridge - between its cranky guardian & its apparent deterioration, it looks like I'd be just asking for trouble!

Phil Rood said...

thanks Mit! I shoulda known you'd be here to check out my new stuff, since you said on FB that you'd be in the studio working all day(I look for distractions too) Glad you like this guy, he's one of my favorites too

Creations By Mit said...

I'm perpetually distracted, Phil! *Sigh!!* Its amazing I ever get anything done! :)