Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monster Alphabet: Queensland Tiger

I had to do some digging to come up with a "Q" monster, but I think I found a pretty cool sounding one.  The Queensland Tiger is a mythical Australian beast.  It seems to me to be the Aussie equivalent of our Bigfoot:  a monster that people have reported seeing but that no one can prove the existence of.

The descriptions of the Queensland Tiger tend to sound like it's similar to a Sabertooth tiger that's about the size of a German Shepherd.  It's said to be a carnivorous cat who preys on kangaroos and other mammals... this time it looks like he's found one that is going to stand up for itself and fight back...

Once again, I've found that having to dig for a monster that fits a letter has been a good learning tool... about monsters anyway.  I think it's really cool when you start digging and realize how big and diverse and wide the world of mythologies is across different countries and cultures.


Creations By Mit said...

Interesting! I've found I'm learning a lot about different folklore & mythologies through this series! Love the kangaroo in this one. She really looks PISSED!!!! I think the tiger should quit while he's ahead! (PS - I just bought a pair of gloves like that on Sunday, only mine are white!!)

Phil Rood said...

Cool! I'm not much of a teacher, but if someone else can get the same thing out of this that I'm getting than I'll call it a victory.

Let me know how your flashy white-gloved boxing career goes Mit!