Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monster Alphabet- Lindworm

One of the things I'm really enjoying about doing this series is that in order to find monsters that fit certain letters, I've gotta dig deep into cultures and mythologies that are a bit more obscure.  I end up with some monsters that are not what we would consider to be mainstream at all for us, but that doesn't make them any less cool.

The monster I found to represent "L" is just like that.  The Lindworm is a monster from old school Europe.  Although it seems to be a part of many European cultures, it seems like its strongest roots are Scandinavian.  The Lindworm varies a bit place to place in name, spelling, and some physical details.  It's pretty consistent in the stories of it being a serpentine dragon with two limbs.  It's said in some places to be a sea serpent, in some to be a serpent who is trying to get to the sea, and in some, just a dragon on land.

It's cool to see that one monster can have so many variations to it depending on who's telling the story.  One trait of the Lindworm that seems to be fairly consistent is that it lives near churchyards and cemeteries, as it is said to dig up corpses out of graves and eat them.  The Lindworm is a dragon who lives off of dead bodies... and cattle from nearby pastures.

Cool, obscure monsters... where else are you gonna get this stuff?!

Note:  Alan Cesar, the name on the tombstone, is not dead... he's a great writer, photographer, and competitor in the world of motorsports.  You can see his work in the magazine Grassroots Motorsports and on his blog, the Sentimental Mechanic(click HERE)
Check out Alan's work, he's good people doing good journalism.

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Creations By Mit said...

OK. I'd never heard of a Lindworm before, & I'm not sure I'm happy that I now have! This guy is gonna give me nightmares!!! The glowing red eyes are a great touch!! Also love how you've highlighted him on the moon side!