Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monster Alphabet: Demons

"D is for Demons" says the newest piece in my "Monster Alphabet" series.

I love this one, it's probably my favorite one that I've made so far, but that's partly because it's so personal.  I decided to portray these 3 demons as sons of the Devil.  While I'm not quite the Prince of Darkness, these 3 are based on my 3 sons. I tried to get each of my boys' distinct look and personality into their corresponding demon and I think I succeeded.  I can honestly look at this one and see my boys and, demons or no, they make me smile.

Thanks for checking in, and come back soon!


Javier Hernandez said...

That's a unique approach to drawing demons! 'Father knows best', they day!

Cool project, too. I wasn't aware you were doing these, so I went back and started with the Snowman. Definitely want to see what you come up with for the rest!

Phil Rood said...

Thanks a lot for the good words Javier! I appreciate you checking it out and keeping an eye on it. More to come soon!

Creations By Mit said...

LOVE the playfulness of these guys!!! I hope you don't dress your kids in rags like that, though... ;)

Phil Rood said...

they actually start as nice clothes... but 3 boys playing nerf wars, wrestling and climbing trees and fences leads to ragged clothing. We look like we're the parents of old-timey street urchins!