Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monster Alphabet: Cyclops

C is for Cyclops.  The Cyclops is a bad dude from Greek Mythology, a giant with one single eye, and he's super fun to draw!  He's sometimes shown with a horn coming out of his head as well, but I decided to go with a mohawk haircut instead.

I think the result of the expression on his face, his pose, and his weird haircut, as well as his overall ugly appearance tend to make him look like he was probably some kind of bouncer in an Ancient Greek nightclub.  In any event, the Cyclops has been a lot of fun to design and draw, and that's what is keeping me moving forward with this series.

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Creations By Mit said...

Punk Cyclops! Love it!! Yup - definitely a bouncer - between the expression and the stance! I'd imagine he could restore order to a club fairly easily....am loving this series!