Sunday, July 15, 2012


We saw these guys just a couple weeks ago, and I had enough fun drawing them that I thought I'd shoehorn them into one more Illustration Friday drawing.  This week it's "Lost", and I thought they'd fit well into the topic if done like this.  These guys seem to have a lot of intention of raiding and pillaging, but the more we see them, the more you realize that they're probably inept at it and are much better at drinking beer and telling tales.

It was pointed out to me on my last drawing of these guys that they looked familiar to a friend of mine.  I looked closer and realized that yes, they kind of do inhabit some traits of some old drinking buddies of mine... I guess the subconscious was driving and we ended up with this.  In any event, it works and there's no denying that in our day of drinking and causing trouble, we were likely as cartoon-like as these guys are.