Monday, June 18, 2012

Revisiting Clyde

This week I owed a blog post to everyone, on top of which I realized I had not really finished any piece in a couple weeks.  I decided to skip Illustration Friday and just do a couple fun inked drawings to put up here and share with everyone.

This guy is a character I made a couple years ago in this post 
and I come back to him every now and then.  I've since dubbed him Clyde, and even though I've not found a story or project to plug him into except for stand alone illustrations, he's one of my favorites and I really like drawing him.

I think Clyde is one of those characters who is fun just by the way he's designed.  It's hard to not have fun when drawing him and often I work by just drawing him, and then adding something going on around him.  It all seems to fall together with this guy.  Glad I revisited him this week.

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