Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lazy Day

"What?!" you say, surprised, "more Clyde?!"

Yeah, you've got more Clyde this week.  Like I said, I had a great time revisiting this character last weekend and wanted to keep going with it so I did, making another black and white piece of this guy enjoying a lazy day under a tree.  Music, moonshine, tobacco and a shade tree... who could need anything else, right?

I am likely to be doing more of these types of drawings in the immediate future as it will work well with what I've got lined up.  I'm working on a fairly big(for me) project for me that will be taking the lion's share of my time. I'll be posting more on that as it starts to pick up steam and actually starts to form into what it'll be.  In the meantime, I'll be doing some fun character work like this, probably a lot of black and white ink drawings since I can do them in less time than going full color with them.

Hope you're enjoying Clyde's return to my blog.  Come back often, as he'll probably be back a little more often.

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