Monday, May 21, 2012


This is pure magic... at least in title.  I tied this in(admittedly very loosely) with the Illustration Friday topic of "Sight".  This week, it refers to what our wizard sees in his crystal as his owl looks on...
Had a good time drawing this one, even if I don't think it ties in in any significant way to Illustration Friday.  Anyone interested in buying the original inks for this piece, there's a scan of it below, just click the button and it'll appear at your house through the 'magic' of the US Postal Service.
blue line pencil and ink on 11"x11" bristol


Creations By Mit said...

Cool illustration! Its boldly visual, and yet I'm trying to assign a sound to it as well--maybe a sizzling, sparking sound, or a resounding bang.... love the owl's expression!!!

Phil Rood said...

I'm not sure what the sound would be either... I think you're on the right track with a sizzle, but also maybe a kind of tone like you get from running your finger on a crystal wine glass... maybe a bit lower than that... wow, now you've really got me thinking about this.

Thanks for checking out and the comments on my drawing! I appreciate them a lot!