Monday, April 9, 2012

Team Skid Steer process

Here comes the Easter... Bobcat? This is the image I made for another racing team for the LeMons racing organization. This is for the Bobcat Equipment themed "Team Skid Steer". It was a great project to work on because it involved developing a fun character and image to go along with it. Greg, who hired me, gave me just enough guidance to get what he wanted, without putting me in a straightjacket of creative restriction.

Great project to work on and I wish Team Skid Steer great luck in this racing season.

My process for this project is posted below:

I start by thumbnailing a few idea sketches. They're a bit refined for thumbnails, but like I said, I was having a lot of fun with this. Greg chose the 3rd option above and suggested a couple of changes, sending some more reference photos(always helpful) to illustrate what he wanted

I moved onto the penciling stage, keeping Greg's suggested changes in mind, and added a couple of my own, like the bucket full of lemons. This stage of penciling, as well as the thumbnails, is really penciling in name only as I did it digitally. I used my Bamboo tablet and a program called Sketchbook Pro. It's a good program, though I'm not too adept at digitally drawing. I tend to use Sketchbook for ideas and fleshing out ideas.

After pencils are done and Greg's approved of them, I print them out and move them over to the light table for inking:

I inked this on 14" x 11" bristol with a Pentel Pocket Brush pen and Zig Millenium tech pens. The trick that I've found with inking is knowing when to stop and not making that one mark too many...

...I think I managed that here.

After inks are done and approved, I drop them into an open source vector program called Inkscape where I color the piece. A lot of illustrators use Photoshop, but since I've used vector programs like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape so much I am much more comfortable using that software. It's a bit more intuitive to me, plus I tend to work in very flat colors, which vector programs tend to cater to.

Once colors were done, I moved onto logo design and arranging elements into a cool t-shirt design. I made a few different arrangements and Greg and I emailed back and forth, making and suggesting changes until we landed on this. Greg was a great collaborator in that he offered and took suggestions well.

Thanks for checking in and reading a bit of a long-winded, but hopefully fun and insightful, post about process.

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Frances said...

Naming your team as skid steer was a wise option since it's one of the most reliable heavy equipment out there.